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Author: davidc Subject: Julia Filippova/ Natalie Filippova

Posts: 1
Registered: 08-29-2006

posted on 08-29-2006 at 12:40 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Julia Filippova/ Natalie Filippova

Hi everybody,

Julia and Natalie Filippova - watch out for these two !!!
Pervomayskaya str., 3B-23
(380)(652) 634-640

I started writing to a woman through AFA (datingdepot) last February. Her profile is still there: #75571.
We soon changed to e-mail. She said her daughter, Julia, spoke English and would help with the e-mail but that I should send her money for English lessons. I sent $150 three times. Ok - I know better, but we had been in touch for 3 months so I sent the first $150 in May - then June and August. We were talking about a serious romantic meeting and the English would help. We had also been talking on the phone - again, using Julia. Everything seemed on the up and up, as they say.

Natalie suggested we could really have a great time together if we went to Turkey for a week. I tentatively agreed (after all, she said she was great in bed!!!) - I know you can go to Turkey for $500 each, more or less. That is when the shit hit the fan, as they say. Her friend, Marina, supposedly a travel agent, sent me an e-mail with prices of $2000 to $3400. I backed off and Natalie got angry and demanded - IN A LETTER THROUGH DATING DEPOT - that I send the cash Western Union or we would not meet. Letter below. Also, an email I got from the "daughter", Julia, just above it.
From: "Julia Fili"
Subject: Sucker!!!!! Wink
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 18:41:54 0400

David, bustered!

Yes, you are! And your boyfriend Frank too! You are adult people, but
chat with each other and tell everybody private are
shallow old women in the market!!! - who're doing nothing useful. You all
are stypid Americans who don't estimate anything, who had changed
themselves on money!!!
Suckers!!! A population without future, without soul, without honour.
You even told yuorself that your women are stupid cows. I recon men are
the same!

Oh! And concerning the police, our law is weak! You can do nothing!
They can't even catch a robber who stole billions! And you stupids make a
little detective with the help of three brains, because one is not
enough!! Ha ha! And you want to show it to our police! I can't stop
laughing! Only James Bond is able to help you!


From: Natalia (75571)
To: David
Date: 2006-07-14 07:59:43
Subject: from Natalia
Hello David!
The phone didn’t allow us to talk. But already that I understood was enough to spoil my mood.
My dear David I remind you that Crimea and Turkey are not America, Switzerland and even not Kiev. We didn’t raised yet till yours civilized level. Credit cards are no popular here. Cash is used here. I know better in what country I live in and in what life conditions.
Whole world uses the Western Union system, the whole words transfer money to bank accounts and nobody became mad, didn’t die, but you are afraid. Everywhere mistakes can happen. Not only with money transfer. Another questions is – if you don’t trust me? Although this questions isn’t vital already.
Marina read your letter to me. I understood – you in person don’t need a trip to Turkey. It is sad. You had to tell me right away that you don’t want to go to Turkey.
You know in general I have lots things to do in this life. In August or September my friends from Moscow will come here. We haven’t seen each other during a year. I will take vacation and will spend time wonderful with them. Because of the meeting with you I have to “take a steam bath”
at work the whole summer. I need to plan my life somehow. I WANT TO FEEL MYSELF COMFORTABLE! I value very much my soul balance. I have enough worries in my life. By the way Marina cannot put your apologies into her pocket. I don’t know how is in your America, but all services are paid here. I made a modest present to Marin and only after that I begged pardon for troubles. Do you think she didn’t see restaurants in her life? You sit there behind the Ocean, but I will need to apply for her help many times in future. My Moscow friends asked me already to find something for them for the rest in the Crimea. Do you think I will look every time for some new tour manager??? Or Marina will say me in the next time – what could I do if these your friends won’t come too? Will she give always her information for free all the time to everybody????
You have principle – to pay for your trips with credit card? Now problems. I also have principle – I meet nobody on my territory. David from Denver, or even Danish Prince or English Queen. In Kiev it isn’t interesting for me. And all roads are open for me in the Crimea. From the beginning of summer I have been to Yalta, several times to Alushta, Sevastopol. Will the end of summer I will visit everything IP want.
And please try not to call me in the next time. You grieved me very much,

Even the mother: Tanya - tried to patch up things and see if I was going to send the money for the trip to Turkey - a real family affair !!!
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