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Author: DON72657 Subject: Confidential Connections/UA Ladies

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Registered: 07-18-2009
Location: Oregon

posted on 07-18-2009 at 13:48 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Confidential Connections/UA Ladies

Wanted to talk about Confidential Connections/UA Ladies based in Kharkov Ukraine. Haven’t seen anything in these forums about them and on other forums that do talk about them, there like 2 years old. All the forums that do talk about CC/UA have absolutely nothing good to say about them and that they scam with the best of them. I was a member of CC from 11/03 to 9/05 and my experience with them was completely on the up and up, they never once did me wrong and they actually went out of their way to help me in any way that they could especially the girl who was my translator. If anyone has used this agency, I would like to hear your comments and experiences. For the record, I met, fell in love with and married the girl of my dreams through CC and we will be celebrating our 4th anniversary this coming Sept. Anyone who goes to the UA Ladies web site can go to the Testimonials page (2004) and Our Couples page and see me and my wife listed their (Don & Marina). I haven’t been a member with them since 2005 so I have no clue as to the goings on with them in the years since so maybe they changed into a scamming agency, I do not know. What I do know though is that at least with me, they never once tried to scam me and all but 2 of the girls were on the up and up. I went to Ukraine 3 times before I met the “one” and 2 more times after that. I met all but 3 of the girls that I had been writing to and their letters were all genuine and not faked or were written by the agency. All of the girls remembered everything we had talked about in those letters. All of the dates were casual and relaxed and we all had a great time together. I have to say that all of the girls I met were serious about finding a life partner. Either they did not feel a connection with me or I didn’t feel it with them and I continued to search. Some of the things I read are so ridiculous. In my experience, it seems to me that most men are not serious or have no plans to ever go to Ukraine to meet who they are writing to. The serious girls are not looking for pen pals. A lot of the girls told me that out of all the guys that they had written to, I was the only one that had actually came to meet them in person. One of the biggest complaints I see is men complaining that CC/UA won’t give out contact info. Why would you need her personal contact info. If you think that contact info makes the girl legitimate, what ever. Contact info can be faked too. So, you get her contact info, are you planing to call her or write to her or send personal e-mails, get real. Out of all the girls I met, only one could speak English good enough that we could communicate without a translator, all the others either did not speak English at all or spoke very little. Writing is a waste of time since snail mail to Ukraine takes 10 to 14 days to get their plus 10 to 14 days back. Since most girls don’t speak or know little English, they would have to have them translated anyway. Also, most girls do not have PC’s and internet cafes cost money. Another big complaint is the cost. Sure the e-mails are expensive, if you only buy one at a time but if you buy a package, their considerably cheaper. If your serious about finding a life partner then it shouldn’t matter. As for all the other services, they are high priced, but why bother. Why shower a girl you’ve never met with gifts. None of the girls I wrote to ever asked for money, and if they would have, I would have dropped them like a hot potato. I have also read about guys who lost hundreds of dollars sending money to someone they have never met. Seems kind of stupid to me. Where’s the common sense these days. The thing is, these agencies know that they can charge whatever they want for their services and there will always be stupid men out their that will pay for them. As for the trips, I actually opted for a package on my first trip, sure it was expensive but I had never been their before, after that though, I just rented a small apartment that was reasonably priced. Didn’t look like much on the outside but was nice inside. Then there’s the complaints, they won’t answer my questions or they don’t remember what we talked about in our letters when we met. If you have ever been to Ukraine especially a big city like Kharkov and use common sense the answer is simple. First, your more than likely not the only guy she is writing to and if she is replying to several guys, she’s not always going to remember what was said to each one. Even I had trouble remembering questions that I had asked certain girls. I ended up keeping track of the questions on paper so as not to embarrass myself in case she did remember. Secondly, these girls lead very busy lives and most of them work and work long hours at that. Plus most of them do not drive let alone own a car so they have to use public transportation. I have personally used this system while in Kharkov, it left a lot to be desired. If there writing to other guys then their time is limited and they won’t answer all your questions especially if you ask more than a couple per letter. Limited time is also why alot of their letters are short. I know this for a fact not only because I have been though it myself but also because I have actually been to Ukraine and I had also asked these questions to many of the girls when face to face with them. A lot of the girls had no problem answering questions concerning the whole internet dating/marriage thing. You would not believe what a lot of guys write, say or even ask these girls. I can’t believe how stupid guys are.. Anyway, I could literally go on and on about all of the complaints that I have read on the internet but what’s the point. Sure there’s scammers out their, not just the agencies but girls as well, but there are also a lot of girls that are legitimate and looking for a serious life long relationship. You just have to weed though all of it. For me, it was not just go at it like a bull in a china shop attitude or being star struck so to speak because a mid 40's guy can write to 20 something girls who look like models. I did my home work first and learned everything that I could without actually going their first. I learned about the country, the culture and the girls. Then and only then did I choose some girls to write to. And did I write to some 20 somethings, of course I did. What the hell, still didn’t mean I wasn’t serious even though I knew it would never work out. Fact of the matter is, one of the girls I wrote to and met who was only 23 at the time, we became best of friends and to this day still write and share photos. I also became best of friends with the girl who was my translator on all of my trips and we too still write and share photos to this day. Maybe I was just one of the lucky ones who had a good experience and who met and married a girl from Ukraine. By the way, my wife is only 12 years younger than me. In the real world, closer age gaps relate to more things in common which leads to a more serious and lasting relationship. Found that out with first hand experience.
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