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Author: BillTravels Subject: talking

Posts: 1
Registered: 09-07-2010
Location: Canada

posted on 09-07-2010 at 06:43 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator

we are 48. She is still young looking and so hot looking.
I played hard for years, hockey and drinking. Baseball
and drinking. Moto-Cross, then drinking. at 42 my
wife told me she had enuff of the drinking. So I stopped.
been 6 years. things got better, sex was ok. we are
an active couple in all respects. Healthy in all respects.
I demand a little more "action" since I stopped drinking.
She is menopausal but still puts out regularly. A few things
on my mind regarding sex. After a weekend of play
and some good times we had a hell of a battle.
she was 35 feet in the air on a scaffold painting our
100 year old house peak. I was cutting grass. I
climbed to the top and sat for a bit while she finised up. I say lets talk about sex..... she snaps and goes
into a fit, all I want is sex she yells. I haven't bugged
her, we had two great nights of playing with something
new. I just wanted to talk about it. How good she was. maybe talk a little about the future of how we
do it. Today I am ready to snap. I felt like drinking
again, but won't. She even in a shaky voice asked
me to leave her alone. Once a year ago I asked her to
help me with something I "fantasized" about. Good god the whole town heard her. I was embarassed.
Nothing any man wouldn't want. Yesterday was the
last straw. It got ugly and I blame her. Finally I screamed when I want to talk, you will talk to me, and
listen. I don't give a crap wtf she is doing, where she
is, she is going to drop it, and listen to me. At this
point I just want her out of my life. Our kids our grown, which opens another box. I knocked her up
and stayed for all 3 kids. I swore I would stay until
the last one is 16, thats real close. I love her, then I hate her, we have great sex, but she is unadventureous. Me I am a dare devil, motorbike
racing, sled racing. I just want to live when I am able
to, she is an awsum person, better off without me.
Should I call a lawyer, there is no other woman for me
again. I will pay for sex when I need it if I can't have her. Depressed, confused and menopaused out
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Junior Member

Posts: 10
Registered: 10-11-2010

posted on 10-12-2010 at 10:12 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
tough call

I'm sorry to hear about your situation, it is too bad when people can't be open as they would be if they weren't with a certain person. It seems like you guys just need to focus on doing the things you really want. But it's not going to be you telling her what you want and that's it - by listening to what she wants from you, and actually doing it, you will be surprised how much more inclined she will be to do the things you want to do. Most people just go on living life without talking about the things they want and how those desires have changed over time. Just sit down and have an adult conversation instead of trying to tiptoe around issues without actually confronting them. I would work on the relationship if I were you because it seems like you two have a major history together and I am sure there is a great amount of love within your family. I do understand though that at some point, nothing else can be done and two people are just not happy together anymore. In my opinion, people can just sit down and talk about these things to figure them out, it's hard but it isn't rocket science if you put some effort into it.
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